Friday, February 22, 2008

Photos from The Valentines Edition of Slow Dance Night! (Part 1 of 3)

Slow Dance Night is like high school with a happy ending.
Text and photos by Sherwin, blogging by Amber.8:03 PM. A sunday night, with freezing rain outside, here we are, scared that no one is going to show.

9:27 PM. To our great relief, people arrive at a steady clip and by this time, the night is fully underway, and people, while still getting over their initial shyness, are starting to dance, and ask others to dance.

10:07 PM

10:25 PM.

10:30 PM.

10:54 PM.

11:05 PM
11:06 PM. Taken without the flash.

11:09 PM. This was about the crowdest it got. I had to squeeze past people to get back to the stage. The whole room was warm. But even though it was very hot, slowdancing is not exertion-heavy, and so I think people found it quite nice.
11:14 PM

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