Tuesday, November 20, 2007

All slow dances, all night long!

We have a lending library of resident dancers for all you wall flowers! This is a queer, kid, and senior friendly event. Dress fancy and get your dancecard filled.

Le Cagibi at 5490 St-Laurent Blvd (corner St. Viateur)
Friday, December 21st, 2007
9pm to 1am, $5 includes Dancecard/Corsage!


Amber said...

Check out our facebook group- just search "Slow Dance Night"!
Also, check out this discussion board:

french panic said...

As someone who was never ever asked to slow dance at any of those dreadful junior high dances (we were mandated to attend junior high dances - I got sent to the principal's office when I skipped them; they were held once a month on Friday afternoons), and who was LAUGHED AT for even daring to ask a fella to slow dance (more than once, sadly), even the idea of this event terrifies me.

Seeing your table at expozine (nice graphics, by the way) fuh-reaked me out.

Though I understand how other people may see this as a way of "reclaiming" the dance floor. Or reclaiming bad memories. Or something.

Good luck with your event! I'm sure others will see this as fun and not as a junior-high nightmare come to life.

Amber said...

Hey French Panic,

No sweat! We have a lending library of dancers to ease the tension. I'm sure it'll just be a loverly and chill time. I hope to see you there! Graphics are done by Sherwin Tjia, of course.


Clémence said...

Thanks for organizing this event. I had a great time !

Amber said...

Photos and post-event posts to be posted soon!